Sunday, 28 February 2016

Rationalising the Bible: Volume I: The Torah is published

The first volume in the collection of books that will make up my project of rationalising the Bible is available on sale from here.

Rationalising the Bible: Volume I: The Torah

Thank you to all my readers who have read this blog, and who will continue to follow it as I cover each individual book, your support is greatly appreciated.

Saturday, 13 February 2016

My plans for 2016

Having finally completed the last edit of Rationalising the Bible, I handed it over to an editor who has agreed to give it a read-through, and a review. For which I am extremely grateful.

It has been a long seven years in the writing, covering thousands of websites, published papers, and books, both on my shelves and ones I've borrowed from other people, and libraries, where available.

During my final read-through, I consulted experts in the publishing field, to gain a "feel" for the market. I discovered that my book is not likely to be published in South Africa, where our society still clings to its previous theology-based culture.

I have therefore decided to self-publish, and to accept one piece of advice, which was to split it into two volumes, covering the Old Testament in volume one, and the New, in volume two.

Thus the two books will be available for downloading as e-books from before the middle of the year, and as hard copies from the same source, and probably, Amazon.

Next, I've started reading through each of the books in some detail. As of today, the book on Genesis is done, and edited, but requires a final read-through before it will go to Lulu, perhaps a month or two after the original books.

The book covering Exodus is in the editing process, and I've almost completed analysing Leviticus.

I took a couple of months off from writing to deal with the loss of loved ones in November and December, but am now back to a morning of writing every day. So my life in fairly busy with research and analysis, and editing already-completed work.

That's my progress into the second month of the new year. I hope I will gain some readers with the books being published, and I thank those of you who follow this blog, and wish you all a happy and healthy 2016.